Fresh In Season IPA




6.3% ABV 67 IBU

Packed with 100% fresh Southern Hemisphere hops – Ella, Enigma, Galaxy and Riwaka. Intensely hopped it delivers strong pineapple and tropical aromas, overlayed on a balanced malty palate, with a tight bitter finish.


At the Manly Brewpub and on tap in limited batches at these locations.

You don’t age your bread (also made of barley) you eat it steaming, straight out of the oven. Drink beer fresh, go back, buy some more and drink that fresh too.
What makes IPA’s so exciting to drink are the hops. Hops are a flower picked annually in both hemispheres roughly 6 months apart. Once picked they deteriorate with exposure to time, oxygen, light & heat. So if an IPA is the same recipe all year round, you may be drinking hops over 12 months old.


There are very few beers that improve with age (that’s another story for another time) but IPA’s and in particular 4 Pines philosophy on its own IPA is all about FRESHNESS and IN SEASON.

FRESHNESS: We make just enough of 4 Pines IPA at once and make sure it is sent out of our brewery to bottle shops and pubs straight away, to do our part to ensure that only the very freshest IPA is reaching thirsty IPA drinkers.
IN-SEASON: We ensure that every 6 months around the time of the latest hop harvest (northern or southern hemisphere) we are constantly evolving our IPA recipe to ensure there is a focus on putting the freshest hops from around the globe in your glass. Each new recipe is distinguished by the seasonal release number.

Oaked Baltic Porter

New Keller Door release: July 2015
Oaked Baltic Porter

500mL | 7.5% abv | 37 IBUs

Aged in Oak whisky barrels from Tasmania’s Lark Distillery since December 2014, its everything you want in a Baltic Porter; high alcohol content, sweet on the tongue and robust in flavour.


A Gypsy show behind the iron curtain, in a bottle. You will be greeted by a slightly aggressive, tutu wearing circus bear juggling ignited knives & riding a tricycle. A smug Cossack stands in the corner dousing himself in gooey chocolate syrup, looking on.

Smooth & warming with a rich, sweet body, this blend has been partially aged in French oak whisky barrels for 6 months to give it a unique complexity of light vanilla & earthy minerals.


We’ll be delivering the Oaked Baltic Porter to your local Northern Beaches bottle store in the first week of July. The rest of NSW and other states including selected 1st Choice, Dan Murphy’s and Vintage Cellars will be available from mid July. Check out the map below to locate your Keller Door store.

*some venues are subject to stock availability.






‘German Style Golden Ale’
22 IBU / 4.6% ABV

Light straw in colour. Aromas of lemon/lime prelude a light malty palate.
Finishing crisp and clean showing hints of spice and citrus.


At the Manly Brewpub
In the 330mL Bottle
In the 500mL Bottle
In The Keg Year Round

The Finer Details:
Alc. Content: 4.6%
Beginning Gravity: 11.2
Ending Gravity: 2.6
Bittering Hops: Southern Cross
Finishing Hops: B SAAZ / Hallertau Mittelfruh
Bitterness Units: 22
Malts: Pale, Wheat and Carapils


Gold!!! Australian International Beer Awards 2010
Silver!! Australian International Beer Awards 2012
Bronze! Australian Craft Brewing Awards 2014