Handcrafted Beers

We really, really LOVE good beer!! Brewed to purity laws of ages & ages ago, allowing only 4 ingredients; hops, water, yeast & malt (& the odd bit of mandarin, ginger & other natural stuff to keep the taste buds tingling), 4 Pines Brewing Company offers great flavour sensations through variety, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients & traditional, time honoured techniques – no short cuts! Our goal is to be the ultimate choice in beer drinkers lives by sharing our obsession & introducing them to the quality they deserve. Beer we want to drink & that our mates are proud of! Click on the bottles above and you can see just what goes into making the beer that is SO GREAT! Some of our beers you can only get at our venue. Some you can only get in the bottle.

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Need to know more or want to speak to someone at 4 Pines? We don’t take bookings for smaller groups, so if you are after a beer or a bite just turn up and we will get you seated. If you do want a special function or have a big group and you’re worried about getting everyone in our little venue, give us a call and we will see how we can help.

The Venue / Bar & Restaurant

29/43-45 East Esplanade Manly NSW 2095

T (02) 9976 2300 F (02) 9099 2729 ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@eu1436029089nev1436029089



Launching in 2015, Brookvale’s Brewery HQ will open its doors (and taps) to the beer loving people of Sydney, as well as any weary travelers that stumble into its sanctuary.

Due to the nature of Brookvale being a functioning brewery and warehouse, and due to our need to avoid any litigious action due to people being run down by forklifts or emotionally traumatised by brewers, we will commence opening hours on Wednesday and Friday evenings sometime mid-year, with additional hours to be announced as we settle.

Come and join us for good times, a fun vibe and an exciting range of  regularly rotating 4 Pines taps.

The Brewer HQ / Bar

4F/9-13 Winbourne Rd Brookvale NSW 2100

T (02) TBC F (02) 9099 2729


Our brewers have spent long, obsessive hours in the quest to develop a range of great tasting beers.

If you enjoy a brewski or two-ski, then join our beer club for special offers, email updates, 4 Pines insider info and the ‘heads up’ on upcoming events, such as Keller Door (specialty) releases and world event parties.

The real ticket into joining a club as exciting as this are the unlimited upgrades from regulars to pints on our Keller Door beers when celebrating our many world events and everyday discounts on 4 Pines cases when purchased from the 4 Pines venue.

To redeem all upgrades, discounts and be a full-fledged member, you must remember to collect your Beer Club Card from the venue on your next visit. A flash of this magical little baby is all you will need to collect your many upgrades and goodies!


“We want 4 Pines beer!!” A cry of distress often heard from pubs, bottleshops and restaurants around the land. So if you want to get 4 Pines into your local bar, restaurant or bottle shop, ask them to give us a call. If you own / manage the local (lucky you) do the same and we will get some of our award winning, tasty beer to you.


3B/9-13 Winbourne Rd Brookvale NSW 2100 ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@st1436029089nuocc1436029089a1436029089 T(02) 9099 2720 F (02) 9099 2729

The people on the ground to speak to are:

QUEENSLAND Brisbane Region & Far North Qld to Coffs Harbour Brad (State Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@da1436029089rb1436029089 0427 249 385 BRISBANE, GOLD COAST & TOOWOOMBA Aaron (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@no1436029089raa1436029089 0418 988 743 NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney (South of the Harbour Bridge to VIC border) Shain (State Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@ni1436029089ahs1436029089 0419 590 519 MANLY CBD/ SYDNEY, NORTH OF THE HARBOUR BRIDGE TO PORT MACQUARIE Nathan (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@na1436029089htan1436029089 0439 538 722 SYDNEY WEST Keith (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@ht1436029089iek1436029089 0429 925 994 ACT On-premise Shain (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@ni1436029089ahs1436029089 0419 590 519 ACT Off-premise Keith (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@ht1436029089iek1436029089 0429 925 994 VICTORIA Melbourne (North & East) Fabio (State Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@oi1436029089baf1436029089 0417 280 036 MELBOURNE CBD – ON PREMISE Joe (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@eo1436029089j1436029089 0437 350 162 MELBOURNE WEST & SOUTH Travis (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@si1436029089vart1436029089 0429 792 220 TASMANIA Joe (Beer Lover) ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@eo1436029089j1436029089 0437 350 162 SOUTH AUSTRALIA (ADELAIDE) The Beer Peddler (Tony Selover) ua.mo1436029089c.rel1436029089ddepe1436029089niweh1436029089t@yno1436029089t1436029089 0408 802 134 WESTERN AUSTRALIA (PERTH) Karta Drink (Peter Lech) moc.l1436029089iamto1436029089h@hce1436029089l_ret1436029089ep1436029089 0408 502 657 THE WORLD & OUTTA SPACE Richard – Chief Beer Lover ua.mo1436029089c.ree1436029089bseni1436029089p4@dr1436029089ahcir1436029089 0450 202 337 NB: The +61 is if you’re not in Australia. Early days for export but still happy to chat