4 Pines Brewing Company + Saber Astronautics = Vostok.

When space engineers who love beer, and beer engineers who love space started chatting over a brew or two under the stars, a wild idea sparked in both of their craniums. Not long after, and while the spark continued to burn brightly, Vostok was formed with the ambition of creating the world's first beer designed for consumption in space!!

Humanity loves beer. We always have and always will. The Space tourism market is emerging and will take off in less than 2-years, with thousands of screaming, happy space fans booked on suborbital flights. Guaranteed some of them will want the option to enjoy a brew while looking at our big Blue Globe. Why deny them the chance?

For more info on Vostok and its quest to provide the world with a beer that tastes just as mind-blowing in space as it does here on earth, please visit the website; vostokspacebeer.com

To try the beer that’s donned the space-suit and prepared itself for the challenge of micro-gravity drinkability, just grab a carton of 4 Pines Stout from the venue itself, or hassel your local bottle shop to start stocking the beer that’s creating the buzz! Bottom’s up!! (or is it down?)

Check out more info on the Stout, here.