Sip N Chew Venue

Yes, you can pick up a 6 pack and experience 4 Pines in the bottle at one of your favourite places...
But there is simply no better way to get the 4 Pines experience than being in the thick of things at our very welcoming little venue. This Sydney microbrewery is absolutely one of the things to do in Manly.
The beer is being made to one side of you, a magician might be floating around doing a few tricks, the music is awesome and live 3 nights of the week, the food is yummy, filling, incredible and great value, the feeling is warm, cosy and inviting, the staff are great and know a lot about beer and life and other cool things, there are always a range of seasonal and specialty beers to keep you excited...
Actually, come to think of it, that favourite place of yours may have just changed?
Have a look at a few of the pics; it will save 1000’s of words. 

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